Eldine Marketed quality bison products
through Alberta Farmers Markets
from 2003 to Oct 2012.

About Glendean Farms

Glenn and Eldine began farming in 1982 with Glenn’s father and brother. At the time we were strictly a grain farm. In the late 90’s Glenn and Eldine participated in a Holistic Management course. We discovered that we both had a vision of our farm that included livestock and lush grass pastures. After a bit of research we purchased our first 30 bison in 1998. Our children, Greg and Krista caught our excitement and purchased animals to add to our growing herd. Over the years we have gradually converted our former grain land into pasture. Greg and Krista have both since married and have grown their herds alongside our own. In 2007 Greg and his wife Kerri and Glenn and Eldine partnered to create Homesteader Bison to supply the animals for Glendean Farms. Krista and Jared remain involved in the farm and their animals are raised at Homesteader Bison.

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